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Hi, my name is Anthony.
Thanks for dropping by my member display page :-)
I love to save money !!! so...
I would like to introduce you to my great new business.

CashBack Systems
New, Free Shopping Loyalty Program

At last a company that gives cash back (not points) for shopping at any supermarket and petrol station, as well as a growing list of retailers nationally.

It's simple, free to join and best of all does not make you change your current shopping habits. In fact, as I see it, the website will be a virtual one-stop shop to help people find what they want in their local area.
Some Benefits in summary

  • Free to join (did I mention that?)
  • Cash back loyalty program
  • Australia wide
  • Any new retailer can join the growing network
  • Member benefits
  • No change to your shopping habits
  • Plus more.......

    Or you can go straight to my website & simply join.
    My CashBack website :-)

    Send for more information to learn how
    you can get cashback when you shop:
    Email me anytime at : cashback@sendfree.com

    Or you can contact me here right now

    How this opportunity came about for me

    A personal note:
    This opportunity came about after my post & realisation of the dream to help a village in Fiji.

    I will be using the growing profits from this business to help nurture a village community on the Coral Coast on Fiji. Building of the church (foundation laid 1996) to be continued plus many more projects.

    I hope you can see how we can help these people just with a small % of our actions. Join me, but also think how perhaps you can help other organisations.

    See my full story in the forum here at

  • The 3 ways that members can earn cash with CashBack
    Shopping at CashBack Preferred Retailers. Members are paid cash bonuses calculated on the total of their personal shopping each month at CashBack's Preferred Retailers.

    Introducing new members to CashBack. Members are paid further cash bonuses based on the total shopping of other members they have personally introduced to CashBack. Furthermore, these bonuses extend for 8 layers of friend introducing friend. It's easy to explain the benefits of CashBack to other people, and further information about doing so can be found here.

    Introducing new retailers to CashBack. Members can also earn cash bonuses on purchases by all CashBack members made at new retailers they have introduced to the CashBack programme. This part of the CashBack programme is designed to help extend the list of retailers to local shops and businesses. Learn more about the Retailer Introduction Bonus here.

    Important :
    Once you join, email me asap so I can tell you the secrets about Cashback that no one knows yet. It's true, it is better than it seems!.
    I have been organising a simple turn-key system to help you once you can see the bigger picture. Don't hesitate, join now, then we will discuss the next step to your success.
    CashBack :
    Independent Representative.
    Anthony Sarabi

    Phone Fax: 02 85690284
    Mobile: 0416184892
    email: anthony@home-business-help.com

    Links to further information
    My CashBack Site
    Global Talk
    Announcing Launch of Cashback Global

    Contact me direct for more information
    from the form below
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    *E-Mail Address:
    *Home Phone:
    (inc area codes)
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