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Hi, I am Christine Alder
I live in a beautiful, little seaside town on the north coast of NSW.
The locals call our town ‘The Missing Piece of Paradise’ and believe me it is.

I live there with my wonderful husband, Warren, and 3 of our 7 children. We have 5 sons, 2 daughters and 7.5 grandchildren.
I am a mother and housewife by choice but that’s only a recent change in my life. I also work as a part-time bookkeeper at The Big Banana’ in Coffs Harbour a great fun place for families some of you may have visited there before.

For ten years prior to that,
Warren and I owned and operated a retail fruit and vegetable outlet.
A very typical, traditional style small business, in a small town, where there are no multinationals, just family owned and operated businesses.

We are a very friendly, close knit community and it is a wonderful place to bring up kids, which we love.

For a long, long time,
I have been wanting to spend more time just looking after my family and getting back to the old fashioned values of family, above all else.
With all the pressures being placed on small business these days, we decided it was time for a change and we made a monumental decision to sell our business and do just that.

We finally decided to make the biggest decision of our lives to work to live, not live to work.

My husband now works for one of the other family owned businesses in town without the stress, worries and hard slog and I am involved in family life. We are both looking forward to the day when my work-from-home business is earning enough income so that Warren can give up his job and we can work side by side again.

We are both generally healthy and happy people and plan to continue that way and live for a long, long time. To make that possible we felt we needed the ability to look at a secure, financially rewarding form of income to insure our future plans and dreams. That is why I looked at the business that is now my main focus in life. I truly believe that it will help us achieve all of our dreams.

Along with the financial rewards,
come the personal rewards, the gratitude we feel when given the chance to help others achieve a level of financial security and wellness that they never thought possible.

This was just the perfect opportunity for us and I could stay at home and be there when I was needed. I haven’t been disappointed.
I didn’t need the IT background that I had. Frankly, I didn’t need a background in anything at all.

Just be willing to apply yourself, follow directions and be teachable and it could turn your life into something you’ve only dreamed of , or thought only other people could achieve – just as it has mine.

You’re never alone.
  • We’ll always be there to assist you.
  • We all started in the same place – please join us.
  • We’d love to have you be successful too

    Chris Adler
  • Working From Home.Biz :
    Christine A. Alder
    24 Nightingale Street
    Pcode: 2456
    NSW Australia

    Ph/Fax:: 02 6654 8217
    Mobile: 0428 220 699


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