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Great Products and a Wonderful Business

Oriflame Balance Skin care kit      
Exclusively distributed by
Dominant Australia

      Orifame Beauty care - Moisture kit
  • is a Swedish cosmetics company with operations in more that 60 countries.
  • was founded in 1967, and today has over 1 million consultants around the world.
  • is one of the fastest growing cosmetics companies.
  • has one of the widest product ranges based on natural ingredients.
  • is constantly undertaking advanced research at Oriflame's Global Technical Centre.
  • offers value for money, quality products, that come with a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Oriflame is a co-founder of the World Childhood Foundation,
    established by HM Queen Silvia of Sweden.
    The foundation works towards creating a better future
    for children at risk around the world.
    So you can sell with confidence

    Our mission:
    fun, friendship and freedom, and an opportunity for all
    have fun making money - the Oriflame opportunity
    How much do you want to earn?
    There are two ways to make money with Oriflame
    As an Oriflame Beauty Consultant you purchase at Consultant price (wholesale price WP) and sell to customers at catalogue price (recommended retaill price RRP), making an immediate 30% mark up.
    You can also invite others to join Oriflame as well. You can build a team of people and earn up to 30% on their sales.
    You can make money every month of the year. The more customers you serve and the more people that join your team, the greater the reward will be.
    start today!

    Give your prospects a great little opportunity booklet

    You don't need to be an experienced sales person to succeed with Oriflame.
    Sharing your enthusiasm for the products and the great income opportunity will take you far.
    The Oriflame catalogue is full of exciting, innovative, easy to sell products and each month there are special offers for your customers. Show the catalogue to everyone you know, freinds, relatives, co-workers and neighbours, they won't be able to resist ordering from you.

    It's that simple, and the more you sell, the more you earn! ... you make 30% mark up

    Where do I find customers?
    Relatives, friends, neighbours, collegues, classmates and everyone else you meet are all consumers of cosmetics, skincare and personal care products. Among them you will find customers.
    Once you have a satisfied customer ask them for referrals to people they know that might be interested, and soon your business grows.

    Advantages for your customers
  • personal advice on suitable products for their skin type
  • time saving and convenience, the product is delivered directly to their home
  • a 60 day money back guarantee

    The catalogue - your shop window
    There is a new Oriflame catalogue every six months, full of exciting new products, and favourite best-sellers. As well there are special offers on selected products every month! Informing your customers of the special offers will immediately increase your sales and help you keep in contact.

    How much will I earn?
    You make an average of 30% mark up on each product you sell.

    For example..
    You have 20 customers per month, who each buy 4 products at $12.50 total $50.00 each
    You collect from your customers $1000
    Your profit is $230
    Plus your monthly bonus $70
    The more you sell the more you earn

    Multiply your income
    Invite others to sell like you and multiply your income. Share your excitement about what Oriflame means to you and build your team of consultants. Most likely you will find your first consultant amongst you customers - who, just like you, would like to do something more than just enjoy the product. You will earn up to 30% on the sales of those who join your team. In addition you will also earn income on the sales of those they in turn join up. Your Oriflame career can provide you with cash bonuses, FREE travel to exciting destinations and other excellent rewards. part time or full time income, you decide an exciting range Oriflame has over 100 products in its range and new products are being added every year. Packaging is updated on a regular basis to ensure the image of Oriflame is always in style. Not only are they great products but they look great too, just one more reason for you to feel confident about selling the outstanding range. the Oriflame choice is easy!

    On top of great retail profits that you develop from your Oriflame direct sales or your Oriflame party plan business if you choose, you also as mentioned, recieve your direct company paid bonuses as you grow.
    Below we have setup an example so that you can see what fantastic company bonuses
    are waiting for you! as well.
  • The 24 month Business Builder Plan
    *build your own team  *only 3 levels deep  *everyone only has to sponsor 5 
    If you decide to go one step beyond retailing this great range and sponsor new members.
    Look what you can achieve.!

    The consultant advantages
  • earn significant extra income
  • choose when and how much you do
  • a small investment is all it takes to get started
  • meet new people
  • be part of a team
  • enjoy personal growth and increased confidence
  • How to become an Oriflame consultant
  • register with Dominant for $49
  • receive your start kit
  • enjoy Oriflame's Welcome Program with special incentives for new consultants
  • build your customer base and team with the help of those above you, and the company, and receive great rewards.
  • The Oriflame rewards
    The reward & recognition plan
    Oriflame offers a financially rewarding Reward & Recognition Plan which rewards your efforts both immediately and longer term, with unlimited opportunity for growth.

    Not only does the Reward & Recognition Plan offer financial rewards, but also recognition of your efforts as you attain new levels of success.
    In addition, the Buy+Fly Incentive Travel Program offers you the opportunity to earn luxury overseas holidays FREE!
    Special rewards for new consultants!
    The Welcome Program offers new consultants a great way to earn free products from the moment they start. all you need to do is.......
    Order at least 100pv of Oriflame direct from Dominant each month for 3 consecutive months and we will you reward you each month with a top selling product FREE.
    This is a special gift to you from us as a reward for your efforts. Spoil yourself or sell your gift product, the choice is yours.
    Following the Welcome Program is the key to you success!

    Month 1
    Order at least 100pv of Oriflame in the calendar month of your registration and you receive a Natural Selection Softening Lotion 200ml, valued at $13.75 RRP, as a free gift.
    Month 2
    Order at least 100pv of Oriflame the month following registration and a famulous Emergency Face Lift 30ml valued at $23.80 RRP is yours free.
    Month 3
    Order at least 100pv of Oriflame in the third month and we will reward you with a gift of ultimate sophistication, Eclat Eau de Toilette 50ml for women, valued at $57.00 RRP.
    Yours absolutely FREE.
    You can browse the entire Dominant Oriflame range
    by clicking here,to go straight to the Dominant Oriflame Website.
    Just click "Visit your Members website" then login by using our number (310156)
    You can then browse all the Oriflame products pages.

    Natural Beauty Products

    Kerri-Ann Price
    2 Sandpiper ct
    (The Mornington Peninsula)
    Victoria 3940
    Phone: 03 59820754
    Mobile: 042 5804854
    email: kerrip@smartchat.net.au

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    The Great Australian Opportunity

    Dominant Australia

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    starting your own Oriflame business.

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    Great Products and a Wonderful Business

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