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Just testing this blog stuff out. Seems I’m in & rolling.

Just wanted to post my basic criteria for businesses. I have not been in a direct sales type business for a few years. This year I have come across a few that I felt worthy of a go.

I don’t feel like a salesperson & although there may be great products from direct sales organisations, I feel people always drift back to the usual retail scene. Also with distributing your own products, I have found the margins are not worth the time, especially with delivering etc.

The following is a summary of my criteria for a good direct sales type business:-

1. Has a great value added product
2. Is simple to use & does not drastically change usage habits of similar product used now
3. Can be free (if a valued service)
4. Adds value to ones lifestyle
5. Great add-on to current or mainstream business
6. Saves money (with little or no change to current habits)
7. Improves or supersedes similar current process by innovation
8. Simple to market to anyone, (not just friends & relatives)

That is my list. May seem too simple, but I have had experiences in the past with trying to change peoples usage habits, or buying habits to no avail. I find that the most challenging & frustrating. I’m not into convincing others to my way of thinking. If they cannot see something, I move onto the next person. Just as I have my views on religion or politics or finance, I cannot expect others to agree with me. Some may, but others may be opposed to what I believe. At the end it is perception & belief, whatever it is you care to think of.


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