Clean your Fridge

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Clean your fridge


At least once a year it is a good idea to thoroughly clean your fridge inside and out. Use Dominant All Purpose Cleaner to clean the inside as well as the outside surfaces of your fridge and freezer. All Purpose Cleaner will leave your fridge clean and fresh and will not taint food. This is probably a great time to do an audit on what is out of date and needs to be thrown out.

Fridge exterior

Turn off the fridge and unplug.

Move it to a position so you can gain access to the rear.

Vacuum the back of the fridge using the brush attachment being careful not to damage any of the coils.

Thoroughly clean the outside surfaces with Dominant All Purpose Cleaner.

Fridge interior

Empty contents into an esky.

Remove shelves and soak in a solution of Dominant Booster & Soak and hot water, then rinse thoroughly and dry.

Use Dominant All Purpose Cleaner to wipe down inside the fridge paying careful attention to all the nooks and crannies, and seals.

Remove drip tray and clean with Dominant Hospital Grade Disinfectant and hot water.


If you do not have a “frost free” fridge, defrosting will be required.

Remove all food to any esky with ice.

Place a bowl of boiling water in the freezer and close the door for 5 minutes to help speed up the defrosting process. A portable fan aimed at the inside of the freezer may help also.

Scrape off the ice with a wooden or plastic scraper. Do not use anything sharp or metal as this may damage the inside walls of the freezer.

Once the ice has been removed wipe down with All Purpose Cleaner.

Turn the fridge back on and replace all food.

About Dominant, All Purpose Cleaner

A powerful general purpose cleaner that strips away grease and grime and is safe to use on all washable surfaces. Quickly and effectively cleans surfaces without the need to rinse away, leaving a subtle fresh fragrance.

Dilute highly concentrated All Purpose Cleaner and dispense through a trigger spray or bucket for outstanding economy.


Normal use dilution is two capfuls or 4 pumps in a 500ml trigger spray bottle of water. 1 litre makes up to 50 trigger spray bottles. Additional capfuls can be used for cleaning heavy soiling.

Large areas use 30ml in a standard bucket of water.

For problem spots such as lipstick, grease spots or shoe polish, dab on a small amount of neat product with a clean white cloth and rinse off with water.

all purpose cleaner

1 litre of Dominant All Purpose Cleaner makes 50 x 500ml trigger spray bottles @ $0.22c per bottle is unbeatable value.

For more information about ordering the Dominant range of products contact Kerri-Ann

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