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Hello, my name is Eric Graudins.
We live in Tasmania, Australia and invented LOBABLOB about 4 years ago. The idea came to us when we could not find a game that was fun, simple enough for kids to play, and challenging enough to keep adults interested.

Treat yourself to some laughter and good old fashioned fun with your family and friends.
Play like a kid again as you lob, roll, and bounce your blobs with this unique new game invented by an ex-taxman from Australia.

Play it inside, outside - anywhere really. Even in the water. It's a bit like golf - but you don't need balls to play. Just blobs.

Decide your own rules - Make it fun and simple for young kids, or more challenging for older people.

Hi, Im Eric Graudins.
If you would like to hear
more about Lobablob.
Or if you would like to
purchase a game for your
own familly to enjoy.
You can send me an
enquiry below or you can
visit Lobablob.com

You really can play LOBABLOB anywhere.
Inside or outside, at home, in the office or at the park.

Look at what you get ! Visit our main Website !
LOBABLOB will really get your party or group event going and fill your home with laughter.

Everyone will want to join in and play this addictive new game. Children and adults can play together to find out who is the LOBABLOB champion.

Liven up your next party with a game of LOBABLOB -It's a great icebreaker for people to get to know each other.

Young children, teenagers, and adults will have tremendous fun as they try to get the lowest score. (And it's just as much fun for the people watching them too!)

LOBABLOB is just the thing to take to a school or summer camp - you'll never be bored if there's a game of LOBABLOB around.

Here is a little information about Lobablob.

What's a Blob?

Blobs are soft rubber like disks about 2 inches (50mm) in diameter and 3/8 inch (10mm) thick.

You can train them to

  • stop dead when you throw them
  • roll long distances - straight or around corners
  • bounce off walls, doors, and windows to get to the target quicker.

What's the Target?

The target is a thin circular disc which gets moved around during the game. It's thin and flexible, with a non slip backing.

Players take turns in placing the target in different places during the game. It could end up on the floor, under a table, on top of a wardrobe, in the shower, or up a tree. 

Is LOBABLOB easy to play?

Yes. Kids pick up the idea instantly - adults take a bit longer.

LOBABLOB can be played on several "levels". Young children can just throw the blobs around together with older people who are playing a strategic, competitive game that is filled with excitement.

How long does a game take?

About half an hour with 4 players. If a team of 8 are playing, it will take longer. 

You can start and stop the game whenever you like. This makes it great to play when travelling. Take a rest stop every couple of hours, and play a stage or two of LOBABLOB.

Is it Safe?

Yes. Blobs are made from a rubberlike material which will not mark or damage walls, paint, windows, or other surfaces.
We have been playing inside for a couple of years and nothing has ever been damaged.

The game meets Australian Standard 1647 for toys. Blobs are made from materials that are approved for food contact by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Is LOBABLOB portable?

Very. The tough nylon case is a similar size to a CD case, but a bit thicker.

Keep it in the glove box of the car so it is always ready for use when you travel - or just put it into your pocket for instant fun anywhere.

The Lobablob Gang!!
Trade Enquiries welcome:
Please contact us if you have a toy, game, or gift shop and are looking for something new to recommend to your clients.
We prefer to deal with shop owners direct instead of going through agents, distributors, etc.
Contact me using the short form below, or if you are in Australia give me a ring on 0417 010 575

Kersbrook Innovations
enquiry form
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Kersbrook Innovations
Owner Manager
Eric and Belinda Graudins.
GPO Box 370
Australia 7001

Phone: 0417 010 575
email: EricG@lobablob.com

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